Saturday, 30 May 2009

Half way there to my goal of life

It's so fast that I can't believe that I am half way to achieving my goal of life. In my childhood experience, I always be told that I have to study hard, get a degree to get a better life or a better future or a better husband!! Play wasn't part of my childhood experience same as most of other children in Taiwan. Music, art, fashion subjects weren't even a option for us, because those subjects are classify as low class with low pay and no future. When I start on this course, I have learnt so much that open my eyes and my mind. I thought I already have culture shock when I married to John, well I had even bigger culture shock of how I am going raise my children here. It's totally up side down with my belief of how my father raised me and my old culture background. I am glad that I have chosen this course and met so many wonderful people on the course.
Gosh, I am so nervous going to Warwick, but not because there will be more hard work. it's because of new environment and new tutors. It's just like first day of school experience for me, sounds very funny but I really feel this way. And somehow I just want grab someone I know with me, so I don't have to face it alone. I am 35 years old, I can't understand how this is happening to me. However as a mother, I have to set a good, brave example for my children, so I guess I would have to hide my feeling.....