Sunday, 22 February 2009

Interesting education history and future video to share

From doing my ethnography research, I found this video which show the old time education and what's future education going to be? (Also used part of it in my presentation)
you can see the way of learning and teacher attitude/classroom behaviour changes over the time.

Activity Starters - Teaching Past, Present and Future

If you are interest on 1950s school days, then this video may help you to have more ideas about 1950s education. (I used part of it in my ethnography research presentation as well)

School Days - Ashmead Community School, Reading

Thursday, 19 February 2009

How does Steinbeck create the feeling that George and Lennie may be doomed?

In this piece of writing, I am going to discuss that how Steinbeck created the feeling that George and Lennie may be doomed. John Steinbeck was the writer of the time back in 1930s in America. In his novel ‘Of Mice and Men’ written in 1937 that reflects the historical background of the time and his personal interest of outdoor, animals and individual human beings. Each theme of ‘Of Mice and Men’ shows how much George and Lennie wants to achieve their dream but somehow bad things always happen to them. George and Lennie are examples of the farm workers who had the dream of a better life and future during the difficult time after the First World War in USA.

Steinbeck tried to create a theme that a perfect dream can come true which basically built on two people with two completely different personalities. However on another hand, he gave miserable endings for every time he mentioned the dream. Steinbeck gave Lennie an uncontrollable and a childish personality, a weak mind with a strong physical figure and a soul that needs somebody else to reinsure the safety and belongingness. George is the person in change within the relationship between Lennie and himself. He is the one that determined to achieve his dream for a better life no matter what it takes and keep Lennie out of trouble so they can both stay in their dream, “The hell with the rabbits. That’s all you ever can remember is them rabbits. O.K.! Now you listen and this time you got to remember so we don’t get in no trouble.” (p.5). Steinbeck mentioned so many times that George and Lennie’s dream to have a small farm for George to own and soft animals for Lennie to look after. However he also wrote how Lennie always ended up killing soft animals by uncontrollable caring. It started from small animals such as mice and carried on happening to the bigger animals such as rabbits and dogs, finally a human being- a woman. All these events happened throughout the book that shows Steinbeck tried to create a feeling that George and Lennie may be doomed. George tried to teach Lennie to control his emotion and physical strength by telling Lennie that he can’t attend the rabbits if he doesn’t control himself well over and over again, “Come on, George. Tell me. Please, George. Like you done before.” (p.15). Lennie believed George for everything he said and relied on George to tell the dream and create the pictures in his head, “Jesus Christ, Lennie! You can’t remember nothing that happens, but you remember ever’ word I say.” (p.117). Moreover another theme of book started to show that George had the feelings that something would go wrong, “I think I knowed from the very first.” (p.107). Therefore he told Lennie that if anything goes wrong, he will meet Lennie by the pool. From this theme that Steinbeck shows the final hint of something terrible would happen and George and Lennie would be doomed in the end.

In conclusion, John Steinbeck wrote this novel started from building up George and Lennie’s hope so high up that give us the hints that it is too good to be true. By writing how badly Lennie’s behaviour with emotional and physical self-control throughout the book that shows Steinbeck is telling us the tragedy ending. In this novel ‘Of Mice and Men’, the relationship between George and Lennie is so strong that George aware that his dream can’t be come true and will doomed with Lennie.

A story by Sam, Georgine, Hazel, Anne-Marie..... and me

The train journey to the land of Latte

Once upon a time, in the land of Latte there was a big yellow mountain with quaver tree with tasty curly leafs that you can pick up and eat when you hungry, there was an old steam train puffing and chugging up and around the mountain to the two snowy top peak, carrying passengers. There were GG the ginger bread girl, Billy the goat, two little pigs, three ugly ducklings and a granny goose in the first carriage of the train. Billy the goat is trying to scary the ginger bread girl, GG about the nasty monster with fire breathe and sharp claws.
Billy tells GG, that the monsters breathe smell of rotten fish and that he does rotten egg trumps. When you smell either of these, you can be sure he is near so you must wish for your lucky guardian power animal. GG was worried that her usually happy smile dropped and she nervously twiddled her red locks. As they travelling along on this beautiful day, the sun stream through the windows, the animals were running up and down the carriage, playing music and everyone was relaxed and happy. Billy was being misctuevious again and pretending he could smell something horrible. “It’s possibly fish”, he said. At that moment, GG got a whiff of something that make her feel sick, she thought her mind was playing trick on her, then she sniffed the air again. Turing to the carriage door, she saw a steamed up window with what looked like a big red eye, as the mist cleared, she saw a pair of sharp pointy teeth then the head moved and she saw a large cat like eye, staring right at her, the smell seeped into the carriage and everyone froze. Granny goose knew who it was and gathered up all her baby animals, ‘come here, my babies, quickly’ she said “Scaley is on the train”. Everyone turned into horror, but GG sat with her eyes shut tightly. Remembering what Billy said and she wished as hard as she could and tried to picture her guardian power animal in her head, her guardian power animal Queenie, the magical unicorn with pink hair and the silver tail from angel land where she saves and protects all precious little people. She appears when you really think hard and imagine her to be there to help. GG opened her eyes and saw green flames gushing out of Scaleys nose and a rotten egg smell filled the air. She turned to see Queenie standing in the aisle, appear as like what she pictured it. Queenie’s beautiful long eyelashes sparkling in a ray of sunshine as she winked at GG reassuring her it was going to be ok.
Queenie flew out of the open window so that Scaley turned to face her. He roared and raised his claws in anger trying to reach her. She danced in the clouds and blew a puff of perfume smoke that covered Scaley so that no one could see him. When the smoke cleared, a little jolly rosy cheeked goblin suddenly appeared and then did a jig up the aisle with his singing “ hey ho tiddley pom, the dragon has had a kick up the bum!” Magically, the Scaley disappear in front of everybody’s eyes then sun came out again and sky became clear blue. Almost right after the lovely weather showed, the train slowed down and came to a stop at the top of the mountain. The passengers got off slowly and still afraid that Scaley might be there. As they stood in the crunchy glistening snow, they saw some small footprints leading to a tree and there sat behind the tree the little goblin eating a curly quaver leaves “yum yum, yum yum” he said shoving a big hand full into his mouth. He looked surprised to see everyone standing around. He seemed embarrassed, the coughed and cleared his throat, then in a quiet voice he said “thank you, thank you” and stood up. He said excitedly “You have set me free, I had spell cast on me and you helped to release me”. He then jumped up and climbed the tree, throwing tasty curly leaves for everyone to eat. They all ate until they were stuffed and fell asleep in the sunshine, until it was time to get on the train again.

The End.

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

1950s education and childhood in England part ii

I am so glad that I've finished my presentation for ethnography research today. Although I used so many videos from different resources at least I got most my points cross through new way of presenting. I have to admit that I hated it's ICT tech from the beginning but I became really enjoy in the end.
After the presentation, we were talking about how the exam system worked differently with different teachers and personal circumstance such as parents and financially can't afford to carry on the education in 1950s.
'Gate keeper' is the word that Brian mention today in the class. Although the exam system was available to children who were academic doing well then if the teacher didn't put you through the exam then you would miss the chance to achieve higher education. It's like put every child into the pot, you go here, you go there, the child's future lay on the point of finger of the teacher in 1950s.
Looking at today's education system, children have much more chances to achieve their academic goal and individual educational needs. Many more legislation such as Every Child Matters 2004, Education and Skills Act 2008, Childcare Act 2006 etc. all provide children stay better chance for their education and future. Even though it comes long way to get to this stage, again I think the children are so lucky today.

Friday, 6 February 2009

Busy or Lazy ??

It's been so long since my last blogging. Let's say that I was really BUSY around Christmas time and new year time. I had six children at the time and trouble came out one after another with foster children but again it's my job so I can't complain too much about it.
There is another reason that I haven't been on the blog is I didn't know what to talk about, I was lost with study. This year is my second year and I should have more commitment to the course but somehow I felt really disappointed. I love the feeling that I had last year, it was so full of excitement and commitment with all of us but this year, everyone seems to disappear and lost the connection.
I like routines and this year it's no routines at all with the course. Going to the college and get send home or cancel lessons. And I became LAZY!!
Lazy to go college, lazy to do my course work, lazy to read more books about the course, lazy with my blogging.
Well, good job is now I have different thinking, I don't want to hold the things that won't happen, I start to create a new way for my study of the course.
Faith in myself is what I need the most.

Talk about education system and childhood in England in 1950s Part 1

It's always fun when I found out more about the history of education and childhood. The changes through generations are unbelievable huge. Even though I wasn't born in England, I can still find the link with the old education system and discipline and punishment between England and Taiwan. In 1950s, the education was decided to prepared children to work as soon as they can. Not many children had chance to have higher education or to have many choice to pick the job they want. Normally what job that their father had then the son will had the same. Social class was big issue in 1950s, should I say it's always the issue and it never go away. Now with law and government policy that you can't say or do anything against social class, however for some people still care very much about it.
Discipline was important as classroom control is part of job for teacher in 1950s. They believed physical punishment and obey what's told is the way to have control in classroom. Behaviourism was the learning theory at the time and believe or not, it's still the same today in Taiwan where I was born and brought up.
I am just finish my ethnography research presentation in 1950s and there are so much more to talk about.