Tuesday, 10 February 2009

1950s education and childhood in England part ii

I am so glad that I've finished my presentation for ethnography research today. Although I used so many videos from different resources at least I got most my points cross through new way of presenting. I have to admit that I hated it's ICT tech from the beginning but I became really enjoy in the end.
After the presentation, we were talking about how the exam system worked differently with different teachers and personal circumstance such as parents and financially can't afford to carry on the education in 1950s.
'Gate keeper' is the word that Brian mention today in the class. Although the exam system was available to children who were academic doing well then if the teacher didn't put you through the exam then you would miss the chance to achieve higher education. It's like put every child into the pot, you go here, you go there, the child's future lay on the point of finger of the teacher in 1950s.
Looking at today's education system, children have much more chances to achieve their academic goal and individual educational needs. Many more legislation such as Every Child Matters 2004, Education and Skills Act 2008, Childcare Act 2006 etc. all provide children stay better chance for their education and future. Even though it comes long way to get to this stage, again I think the children are so lucky today.

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