Friday, 6 February 2009

Talk about education system and childhood in England in 1950s Part 1

It's always fun when I found out more about the history of education and childhood. The changes through generations are unbelievable huge. Even though I wasn't born in England, I can still find the link with the old education system and discipline and punishment between England and Taiwan. In 1950s, the education was decided to prepared children to work as soon as they can. Not many children had chance to have higher education or to have many choice to pick the job they want. Normally what job that their father had then the son will had the same. Social class was big issue in 1950s, should I say it's always the issue and it never go away. Now with law and government policy that you can't say or do anything against social class, however for some people still care very much about it.
Discipline was important as classroom control is part of job for teacher in 1950s. They believed physical punishment and obey what's told is the way to have control in classroom. Behaviourism was the learning theory at the time and believe or not, it's still the same today in Taiwan where I was born and brought up.
I am just finish my ethnography research presentation in 1950s and there are so much more to talk about.

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