Friday, 28 November 2008

Punishment for the parents or the children?

Whilst I was doig my research for excluded children, I found one information that really annoying me. Under laws which announced in the Education Act 2007 that parents can be hit with fines of £50 if they can't keep their excluded children out of public place and further more it could rise up to £100 when parents can't pay within 28 days and after 42 days if the parents still can't pay then they will face prosecution and a possible £1,000 fine plus a criminal record!!

These children who are excluded from school need help so as their parents and families!! How can they being punish make it work or make it better? Rather then punish the parents, the government should come out some services to support the child and the parents (well there are some but not a great deal and will take forever to get it unless you place your child into care then things will sort out quicker and this comment is only come from my personal experiences). Some parents hasn't got the ability to manage their misbehaviour children unless they have the knowledge and the support. Moreover some parents haven't got the money and time off the their work, it doesn't mean they failed as parents. The stress that parents of children who are excluded from school face are greater then anybody can image especially the school and the government.
However it is parents' responsibility to their own children but as parents you only can do so much. If the child doesn't want to listen to parent and decided to go out in public then as parent can you physically restrain the child? the answer is no, you can't because it will come to the issue that how about children's right?!
By the way, to excluded a child from school is very expensive. The extra resources will spend on the child who is excluded from school like Educational Department, the Social services and Health departments and the police. The cost of one excluded child could up to £4,500 a year (well LA would have to pay for it, maybe that's why the parents gets the fine so they can use it to cover up the cost!!)


lin armstrong said...

so true blame the parents.the poor .the sick never the social situation that makes it so hard...

Crystal said...

is it the blame culture in England?
In society today, it did need someone or something to blame for so it will be no 'my fault'.
however, nobody is perfect and I think everyone who is involved with children should take part of responsitability not just the parents.
For what's happening today in society that I bet nobody wants to be a parent in the future!!