Tuesday, 11 November 2008

HW for Brian's lesson - The High/Scope

The High/Scope approach is baded on 40 years of research and practice. It centres on recognising and supporting the unique differences in children aged between two and six and developing their self-confidence by building on what they can do. It influenced by the writing of Jean Piaget. Piaget's theory of development supported the original curriculum team's philosophical orientation toward active learning. As the approach developed, the teachers involved in the project concentrated on the pragmatics of integrating theory and daily classroom practice.
The High/Scope programme was devised by Dr David Weikart in response to the continued low achievement of students at high school in Ypsilanti, Michigan.

The principles of High/Scope programme
The child is the central as active learner
Active learning
Key experiences
Adult-child interaction
Learning environment
The daily routine
The plan-do-review process

The influence of High/Scope
show the long term impact of children's involvement
an impact in the classroom
promote problem-solving, listening and evaluation
encouraging children to evaluate, reflect on or review what they have done is very helpful in the learning process
the High/Scope Educational Foundation has been active in exploring the needs of children from birth to three, infants and toddlers, and in expanding the knowledge that we have of children's development.
and is referenced in Brth to Three Matters

This infomation is cited from 'How children learn' by Linda Pound

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