Saturday, 15 November 2008

My beautiful daughter Jessica

In this piece of writing, I will talk about my daughter Jessica, she is the most beautiful girl in the world who is always in my eyes and in my mind. How does she looks like? Why is her personality so special that shines? Moreover there are some memories that we have as mother and daughter. I will try to explain it but I might fail as there are few words good enough to explain the love that I have for my daughter Jessica. I could never have imagined that I would consider giving up everything in my life for anyone else. I never thought it would be possible to love someone so much and can also give you so many headaches. So with this in my mind, this is how I am going to describe what my little princess / monster is like.
Jessica is my first-born child who is now seven years old. She is small for her age compared with other children who are at the same age. Jessica’s dark, long and wavy hair looks like that she could be on a hair shampoo advert because of the texture of silky and shiny hair. When the light hits her hair it looks like streaks of gold. Her face is round and looks like she has nuts stored in her cheeks. This does not distract people’s eyes from her as she smiles and two big dimples appear on the each side of her rosy cheeks and other two little dimples on the each side of her tiny chin, it is the cutest thing I have ever seen in my life. As Jessica is mixed race, her facial features are very different from English children or the Chinese children. Her eye colour is dark brown and shaped like an almond with long and curly eyelashes that makes her eyes seems to other people that she is talking through them. This makes her look very unique and beautiful both in England and Taiwan. Her skin is not white or brown but a lovely soft mixture. And when we go on holiday, her skin does tan easily which she is very proud of. Her face does not tan, instead she gets lots of freckles.

We take her to swimming lessons on Friday every week which is her favourite activity outside school hours. When she walks to the pool in her swimming costume, she normally walks like she is Britain’s next top model. She has a very athletic figure for her age which makes me worry when she gets older as any mum would be. She has a very strong personality that I could see the moment she was born. While other babies were crying for a feed, nappy change or ask for attention, she was quiet unlike other babies in the room. All she did was to make a little noise that could be any kinds of sound enable me to tell when she needed feeding or changing. In her early years, she rarely asked me to pick her up or rock her to sleep. When she was four, she already had her own opinions and choices for a lot of things by told us what to do or matched her own outfit including the shoes! Once she made up her mind, it’s not easy to change unless she has been asked by the teachers or myself, however this not always the case.

There are many more ways that I can describe my daughter Jessica if only I had the chance. However this is the start of my journal, in the future there will be more to write about my beautiful Jessica and my other family members.


Jen said...

I've just watched your vygotski video Crystal. Can I ask if select the video's on your video bar or if they are selected at random. It was an interesting vid and I'm going to save it to my own blog - very helopful for my child devel project. Thanks - a good find!

Crystal said...

hi, Jen
unfortunately, the video bar only can selected at random, but you could put any video that you want from you tube on the posting part only matter of second, I just found the way how to do it. if you are interest, i can show you, only two seconds job.