Wednesday, 5 November 2008

What is the successful interventionist for community education?

In Brain's lesson yesterday, I believed everyone had really good time for discuss what is the definition of successful interventionist with the community education. And we've been asked from our tutor to write it down what's our personal thought of the question. Here is mine.

My definition is to provide varies service to improve the community without disturbing the people's personal life. The purpose of the intervening is to change or improve people's life and their values and beliefs but to be careful not to upset or up side down their thoughts. Respect is the key word for it, people within the community have their unique background and culture. To show them what they can achieve and to meet their full potential are the tasks that government should focus on. Everyone has different standards of SUCCESS, so how to judge is a big question for me or everyone who are interesting to provide good intervene service within the community. Pen Green family centre is a good example of government service, they have been really susscessful for what they are trying to achieve. Their aim is for people in the community to raise their self-esteem, self-confident and to improve outcomes for children and families.

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Jen said...

I agree with the idea that 'success' in this case is really hard to measure....we all have different ideas about what is successful and when looking at intervention directed at deprived areas and then formally measuring the success of such intervenion, there's a danger of forcing middleclass values and standards on a community where they may be rejected rather than embraced!