Monday, 17 November 2008

How to put video from Y tube to your blog instead take long time to download

I was spending hours just to put Y tube video on my blog. now I found out how to do it in easy and not time wasteing way. here is:

Here are the steps, it may look difficult but trust me once you done it, you will think it's EASY

1) go Y tube find the video that you want
2) copy the video's "Embed address" which just placed next to the video
3) go to your blog and open your new posting
4) on the top right of your posting, you will see "Edit Html", just change format from "Compose" to "Edit html"
5) paste your video's Embed address in the post and place it any where you want in your post
6) after you finish, don't forget to change back to "Compose" to carry on your normal writing
7) don't forget you can't see the video when you creating the post but you will see it when you view your blog
enjoy your blogging
if you ever cross any problem, let me know and I will happy to help

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