Friday, 6 February 2009

Busy or Lazy ??

It's been so long since my last blogging. Let's say that I was really BUSY around Christmas time and new year time. I had six children at the time and trouble came out one after another with foster children but again it's my job so I can't complain too much about it.
There is another reason that I haven't been on the blog is I didn't know what to talk about, I was lost with study. This year is my second year and I should have more commitment to the course but somehow I felt really disappointed. I love the feeling that I had last year, it was so full of excitement and commitment with all of us but this year, everyone seems to disappear and lost the connection.
I like routines and this year it's no routines at all with the course. Going to the college and get send home or cancel lessons. And I became LAZY!!
Lazy to go college, lazy to do my course work, lazy to read more books about the course, lazy with my blogging.
Well, good job is now I have different thinking, I don't want to hold the things that won't happen, I start to create a new way for my study of the course.
Faith in myself is what I need the most.


Jen said...

it has been a funny year Crystal, however, the optimist in me says that working from home allows us to plough through the huge pile of work that we had at the end of last year. I know what you mean about turning up and being sent home - or turning up to watch ONE presentation - then being send home....very annoying and a poor use of time. We are nearly half way through this journey already..... keep focussed and keep'll be worth it in the end :-)

Crystal said...

thanks for understanding, Jen.
like I said in the post, I became lazy I think or I am the person who needs foucs all the time other wise I lost the interest.
Luckly I got it back little by little and learnt that shouldn't depend on other people all the time. So finger cross I can pass this year's grade nicely.