Thursday, 26 March 2009

How do we see ourself?

During the last few weeks, we came across many topics that involved exclusions, culture differences, identity, etc. It started many argument with different views and opinions with the topics. I personally found that people in this country are living under the threat that what can you say, what can you think. As long as you say the words such as black, racist...., people will jump up and get offended by the people who said the words. But why, why you should be afraid what you said and what your opinion is? Talk about self-concept, is about how do you see yourself. If you see yourself different, how can you expect that other people look at you the same and not treat you differently. I wonder.
I always believed that I am who I am, I can't change how I look, I can't change my skin colour, I can't change where I was born or who my parents are, so why I should see myself different then other people. When I talked about my language barrier with my English, I was talking about the fact and not feel shame or feel that I am lower then anybody. However with people who hasn't got the strong self-awareness or self-concept, self-esteem, they always see or think other people treat them differently because of their colours or religions.
And most of all, I got HOMESICK, even though I got no problem living in England because here is my home now, my husband, my daughters are here but I still miss my other families, my dad, my brother, my uncle.... a lot. I miss the food as well, once you lived in Taiwan and experience the food and culture, you will miss it forever!!

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