Sunday, 15 March 2009

what the mess!!

When I got the country project assignment from Lin, I though I knew what am I going to do with my project. So I've done my research and waiting to put it up together, however everything went out of the window, everything caught up with me, I felt lost and drain.
I feel that I should give up my GCSE English to save my degree course, as carer of three children with most of needs and mother of two children, I can't keep up to attend my night time course.
Everything is going so wrong at the moment, I wish the course of this year finish soon and I can restart my life and my study.


Jen said...

Have you spoken to the tutors about your concerns Crystal? Maybe you can get some more time to do your CP. When you were speaking to me about it previously, you were so enthusiastic about it and had some brill ideas....I'm sure it's just time that is stressing you out.... rest assured that we all feel like this MUST hang in try so hard and this effort will pay off in the end ;-)

lin armstrong said...

how about using tuesday with me to finsih this or get an extension?? No big deal to leave it a while/Lin

Crystal said...

thanks, guys.
I wasn't trying to moan about my life and the study. It doesn't matter how many times that I've been told that I will be alright, I am doing well but the fact is I know, I am not doing well with my study, not to my own standard anyway. I didn't have good english skills to start with this course so I admit that was my down fall. I thought if I do my best then I will be just fine, but sometime it doesn't work the same way. I am fully aware that I should just keep going and if one day I fail, at least I have try my best with no regret.