Wednesday, 18 March 2009

yes, my country project is finished !!(not include the reference)

Finally, my country project is finish but not according to my old plan anyway. I show it to my friend and she thinks that she knows Taiwan a lot more after reading it so I presumed it isn't too bad, I hope!!
We had meeting with tutor from Warwick university today, it wasn't too bad but we didn't get the information that we hope to get such as the list of optional module and advise on what we should chose. We will have to wait until eastern to find out! I am prepared for the work to come when we go to Warwick and can't wait to go and quite nervous/exciting about different setting and teaching.
It will be very sad to say goodbye to our tutors in college, we are naturing by them, I am planning to come back to see them anyway so it shouldn't feel too bad after we leave.

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