Sunday, 12 October 2008

Just a recommendation!!

I found this book - 'The Sociology of Childhood' Second edition by William A. Corsaro. which maybe is helpful for the second year of our degree course(Early Childhood Studies).

This year we basically focus on children's education and sociology at the present or the furure, locally or around world. (Well if I didn't misunderstand it). It covers the social theories of childhood, the consideratrion of children and childhood in historical and cultural perspective, children's peer cultures from preschool through preadolescence, and social problems of children.

At the moment I am still reading through the book (the effects of recent socioeconomic changes on children and childhood in developing societies and western societies). And (children, soical problems, and the future of childhood). There are some interest statistics in those chapters!!

If anyone had ever across this book, please do give me some advise and comments of this book, thanks.
P.S. When I got the books I don't read from the first page to the last page because I havn't got the patience and the time. It's very tire reading for me as second language reader. Normally I got the headache after one chapter of the book. (by the way who would read through whole those academic book as a student?!) I never finish reading them, so forgive me if you found the book useless!

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