Sunday, 19 October 2008

A perfect book to learn research project and interview

I got this book Doing your early years research project -a step by step guide by Guy Roberts-Holmes last year. I thought this book will be helpful for later of the course but I forgot all about it. It was on my bookcase and was forgotten by me until three days ago. I was so confused with all the new research projects what we are going to do this year but after read through this book, I found myself relieved from stress and starting to have a little idea that how I going to plan my research projects and interview.
Guy Roberts-Holmes is a senior lecturer in the childhood studies department at Canterbury Christ Church University College. With all the help from the students who are studying Early Childhood Studies that he wrote this guide book specially design for ECS students.
This step-by-step guide will talk you through your Early Years research project form start to finish. Drawing on the work of practitioners within the sector to illustrate concepts and methods, it brings the entire research process to life. Packed with research summaries, key points checklists and discussion topics, the book features guidance on selecting a topic, organising and structuring your project etc.

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Hazel said...

Thanks for lending me this book, I have looked through it and found it very useful. Very easy to follow and understand x