Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Respect other people's view and express your own view after you did read through the article

Today's lesson was the most stressful and irritating lesson since this degree course started. Of course I was stressed with my personal life and overloaded with the information of this course. I know I am on the higher education here and not to depend on the tutor, but when the tutor gave us the assissment to do which she definate got her reason for it. She already told us it's up to us how we represent the information of our research, all we need to do is to listen to her. I was so confussed with everyone talking so I shouted out loud to ask everyone to listen to the tutor which wasn't a nice way to do but I left with no choice.
Some people have really good view after read through the article which talk about 'connectivism' which I respect. But someone in the class argued with other people's views with no respect also base on no knowledge about what she was talking about, simply only for arguing and not express the view after acturlly read the article. And that is most irritating thing for me to happen in the class. Some people worked really hard and willing to share the finding of information with us, we shall respect it.

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