Friday, 17 October 2008

A new face for my blog

The main purpose of setting up this blog was my tutor told us to. Personally I am not a technology fan, well not just the computer or Internet, it's anything to do with technology that I don't normally do well. But I am a good student and a very behaved student so I started this blog about one week ago. I were thinking that's it, I've done it and didn't bother to really make it looks good and maybe useful. However I do have a high standard for myself whatever I do, so I spent two, three days tried to figure out how to manage my blog and make it good plus useful for me and anyone who goes on my blog. I also changed my name of the blog, I couldn't think of any words or anything to describe what I am doing on this blog. So I call it my diary of studying early childhood studies that means this is a recording of everything happening during my studies. As English isn't my first language so I am worry that people will judge me on not writing a perfect English. Well, I have to say that I am enjoying writing and goodness sake, who cares!!! I will just try my best then my chin will be up and feel proud of myself, because most importantly that I am doing it!!!!!!

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