Saturday, 11 October 2008

Writing my GCSE English couse work

I started my GCSE English course two weeks ago and trying to write a personal biography for someone that I known well. At first I choosed my younger daughter, Lucy but I changed my mind because my older daughter, Jessica who found out that I weren't writing about her and she wasn't happy about it. She thought I love Lucy more then love her, so I changed the person who I writing about just to make her happy.
I just got my written skill test result back which I took at the first week of the GCSE English course. Saddly and disappointedly, I only got E for my grade which I feel shame myself. As second year degree student, to get such grade for my English it is like the world is falling on me.
I've been trying to improve my English for last 9 years but seems never good enough. Everyone around me keep telling me that how good my English is for a person who speak Enlgish as second language. But nobody can understand and knowing how I am straggling in the "Enlgish" world. It's like it doesn't matter how hard I try, it will never good enough to achieve the level that I want. Maybe you need a talent to study a second or third language which I havn't got it.
Well, I will still carry on study and try much harder even I am not sure that I got the ability to do so.

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Jen said...

welcome to Blogland Crystal - it's all inclusive here so your English skills don't matter a jot anyway! By the write and speak English a zillion times better that I (or your gcse english teacher) writes or speaks Chinese - so raise a glass to that my friend....happy blogging Jen xx