Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Personal view on Connectivism

Other people's comment on children's learning from each other in the classroom isn't a new theory. In fact, it is existing learning theory which now using in the school already. To me, connectivism is about internet, learners learn through the internet and use it as tools to gain or discuss the information. For children who are in the early years shouldn't get involve too much with internet or the soical networking on the internet. Maybe educational websites or school websites will benefit the young children but certainly not the blogs, facebook etc.

Connectivism is not just like some people said that you learn from other learner or from other different countries and cultures. you need tools such as computer, internet, social networking and most importantly the ability to fillter the information what you getting from. I am studying children in early years which I can't really see how this connectivism is going to work in early years settings unless internet is under control by the government or education department, and we know that is mission impossible!!

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