Sunday, 26 October 2008

Nice idea for people who is doing the primary school research project

I was looking for something which can help me to have a idea what's my document of the primary school research project like. Thanks to Hazel and Lin who were kindly gave me the advise on the questionnaires and the possible lay out of my paper work of my findings. Then I found this good article that I would like share with everyone. This article could also help you to have roughly idea or picture that your paper work could be if you are focus on how inclusion is handled in primary school.
The article shows the questionnaires that had been asked in school with heads and the teachers. Moreover the results of research and issues that been discussed after the observations.
However this is a big scale of research comparing with ours within the college, so you might not find it very easy to do but I believe this will be a example for us with later study or research in the university.

Presented at ISEC 2000
Creating the Conditions for Inclusion in Primary Schools in the UK
Richard Rose - University College Northampton, UK

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